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Michigan State's Travis Trice chooses the pain of now over the distraction of next year

The devastation of senior Keith Appling was hard to miss following Michigan State’s loss in the Elite Eight.

But 10 feet away — on the face of a guy coming back next season — was a similar anguish.

Travis Trice is next in line to be the Spartans’ starting point guard. His future at the position began with a lesson in the present.

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My thoughts on some of the MSU Basketball Players after the tournament loss to UConn

I didn’t really agree with the author’s grades in my previous post, but what he had to say about each person or category was very valid. I think I would have been a lot harder on certain people (I’m looking at you Keith and Denzel) but I’m always hard on my teams.

I’m still absolutely heart broken by how we played throughout the tournament and how it ended too quickly. 

I think Keith Appling underachieved throughout his entire career at Michigan State and ESPECIALLY in this year’s tournament. Honestly, I am glad he is graduating and no longer apart of the team. He never stepped up when we needed him too, and multiple times he fouled out with a pathetic lack of points to leave the game with. 

Denzel Valentine still has a lot of growing up to do. He stepped out of bounds FAR too many times, causing the ball to be turned over. But more than anything, his ridiculous passes gave me a heart attack every time. Now, there were plenty of times where they worked and I loved him for them, but there were TOO many times where they didn’t work and I wanted to punch him. He just needs to be more “careful” and smarter about these risky assists. 

Adreian Payne… lordy, I am going to miss him. I can’t even imagine what our team is going to be like with out him next year. He is an absolutely amazing player (when healthy) and person. He truly did grow up right in front of any Spartan fan’s eyes. He is going to do BIG things in the NBA and I can not wait to watch it happen.

Branden Dawson is just too hot and cold for my liking. I wish he would come out, every game, and give it 100%. Because when he gives 100%, woooooo, look out! But, that just isn’t him, for whatever reason. I highly doubt he is going to leave early, so I can’t wait to see how he will perform next year for us. 

Gary Harris was also too hot and cold for me, especially in this tournament. He is a phenomenal player and I would love for him to stay another year, but I don’t see that happening. So good luck in the NBA Gary. Us Spartans will miss you.

Travis Trice was a nice surprise this tournament. I always thought there was something more to him than what we have seen in the past. However, his performance in the loss against UConn was… awful. It’ll be interesting to see how he handles being the starting PG for MSU now that Appling is gone.

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