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Final Grades for Spartans' 2013-14 Season - Bleacher Report

In an almost symbolic twist, seven points kept Michigan State coach Tom Izzo from reaching his seventh Final Four. 

Ultimately, Sunday’s 60-54 loss to UConn, the No. 7-seeded team in the East, was the undoing for the No. 4-seeded Spartans, who were the popular pick to conquer March Madness. 

Major TV analysts, radio hosts and even the Leader of the Free World assumed that Izzo was bound for destiny at Cowboys Stadium. Instead, it will be Florida, Wisconsin, Kentucky and Kevin Ollie’s Huskies. 

By virtue of pedigree and history, anything less than a Final Four, technically speaking, is grounds for disappointment. Calling this season a failure would be harsh. However, it certainly wasn’t a successnot by Izzo’s golden standard. 

The 19-year coach had a loaded and finally healthy team that appeared to be on the brink of pushing it to the next gear and “doing something special,” as Izzo stated during a postgame interview with CBS. 

There’s a fine line between being “like” and actually “being” a classic team. The 2013-14 Spartans finished on the wrong side of that line.


Keith Appling didn’t fully satisfy - C+

Adreian Payne grew up before Izzo’s (and our) eyes - B+

Branden Dawson showed up before Izzo’s eyes - C

Travis Trice was nice - B+

Denzel Valentine was a heartbreaker - B-

Gary Harris had a good run - B

The Rest - C-

Coaching - C-

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College athletes can unionize, federal agency says

I am all for this.

I’m not sure HOW the athletes should get paid, since I have also read that colleges aren’t making the kind of money we think. But I know FOR SURE that these college athletes should be able to make money off of jersey sales (who would honestly want the #10 if it weren’t for AJ McCarron or #24 if it weren’t for Le’Veon Bell, etc…) and they should be allowed to sell their autograph. The boosters should be allowed to give these kids money however they see fit and if company want to endorse them, they should be allowed to.

As for their college or the NCAA paying them, I don’t know how that would work.

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