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How do you explain Shaun White’s ability to score a perfect 100 in Xgames pipe, but not be able to compete in Slopestyle because his ankle was in too bad of shape?

“Oh god…my feelings are killing me…someone help me off the Slopestyle course.” Let’s be honest here Shaun, you weren’t that hurt. You got your ass handed to you in practice even after you had the Breckenridge park closed down to only you for a week before X Games so you could save face after last year. I think it would have been more graceful if he just at least tried to qualify. We were all talking about it the night the pipe went down. He wasn’t limping around or anything implying that anything was even remotely wrong with any part of his body except his nuts after being squeezed into some baby gap pants.


This couldn’t be said any better. 

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