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Derrick Nix Will Remain A Spartan.


In a press conference held this afternoon, MSU head basketball coach Tom Izzo announced that Junior Center Derrick Nix will not be dismissed from the team in lieu of his recent arrest.

Nix was pulled over by East Lansing Police, cited, and arrested for driving under the influence and possession of marijuana.

“The easy thing for me to do would be to get rid of him. Trust me, it would be easier. I’m gonna definitely make life miserable for him, because I want him to be successful.”

-Tom Izzo

Nix would later take the podium to give a tearful apology for his transgressions.

Let’s call it what it is… Nix has already pled guilty to the charge and will see some jail time. It is expected that Nix will still have some further punishments once the 2012-2013 season starts, which could include a length of time on the bench. Hopefully Nix can overcome this hurdle and learn from what this ordeal has to teach him about life.

Go Green. 

Michigan State center Derrick Nix pleaded guilty on Thursday to a reduced charge of impaired driving, court officials told Diamond Leung of

Nix was suspended indefinitely on April 3 after being arrested and charged with marijuana possession and operating a vehicle with the presence of drugs. The reduced charge of impaired driving is a misdemeanor. The charge of marijuana possession was dismissed.

Head coach Tom Izzo also announced at a press conference on Thursday afternoon that Nix would be reinstated to the team, but his behavior will dictate the length of his suspension. (Found here) 

I highly doubt he will get any jail time for that. 

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