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Jabari Parker commits to Duke

Below are some clips from THIS article. The words like this are my thoughts.


"What brought me to the decision is, of course, the history," Parker said. "Duke was always going to be a team in the tournament. You can’t go wrong at the program. And most importantly, the long-term investment — I feel if I go there, I can get a good degree.

Can anyone tell me the last time MSU hasn’t gone to the NCAA tournament? I tried looking it up and couldn’t find any information. But seriously, using that as an excuse? Look at Tom Izzo’s head coaching record…


"I can also stay close to home, where it’s easily accessible for my parents, for my family. It’s not too far away. And it’s just Coach K — that’s one of the best coaches ever, and I wanted to be able to experience the things that he has next year."

From Chicago to Duke (in North Carolina) it is a 12 hour drive. From Chicago to East Lansing is only a 4 hour drive. Hm…

The official visit to Duke was not Parker’s favorite recruiting trip, he said. ”To tell you the truth, that was probably the worst on-campus visit I had,” Parker said.

Hmm… this doesn’t make sense to me. Why go to a school that you didn’t enjoy during the visit? 

Parker said the final decision came down to Florida, Michigan State and Duke. He admitted that choosing Duke over Michigan State and longtime Spartans coach Tom Izzo was “difficult.”  ”(Izzo) has been recruiting me ever since I was a freshman in high school, and he’s been to most of my games,” Parker said.

So he has shown interest in you before you blew up, yet you still chose Duke?

"But a lot of things went into it like, ‘How will I be used on the floor?’ (Spartans forward) Branden Dawson and I play the same position, and it would be kind of a controversy if me and him were on the same floor and we run into each other. I just wanted to go to a school that was fitting for me."

So because they play the same position and he won’t be BIG MAN ON CAMPUS right away you don’t want to go to that school? That just sounds selfish to me. Plus Branden is already a Sophomore, meaning he would only be around for 2 years once Jabari started playing. So if Jabari plans on actually getting a degree that means he would have 2 years to be the “star”. 

I don’t know, this whole thing seems a little fishy to me. Yes I know I might sound bias because he didn’t chose MSU. But, come on? 

Oh well. Michigan State never gets the top recruits, yet we always still seem to do well. 

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