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College athletes can unionize, federal agency says

I am all for this.

I’m not sure HOW the athletes should get paid, since I have also read that colleges aren’t making the kind of money we think. But I know FOR SURE that these college athletes should be able to make money off of jersey sales (who would honestly want the #10 if it weren’t for AJ McCarron or #24 if it weren’t for Le’Veon Bell, etc…) and they should be allowed to sell their autograph. The boosters should be allowed to give these kids money however they see fit and if company want to endorse them, they should be allowed to.

As for their college or the NCAA paying them, I don’t know how that would work.

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The aura of desperation surrounding UM football is simply shocking.

My friend posted this on Facebook, but I can’t find the actual article. The author is Carl_N from

I am in my mid 40’s and watched UM fairly closely from 1980 to now. 

The UM I knew for the first 25 of those years is now dead. It died over a week long period in November of 2006. Ironically, the UM rebirth is tied to two events that happened within several days of each other. Coach Schembechler passing away and Mark Dantonio being hired by Michigan State University. Allot of people may talk about the little brother event one year later, but the loss of Schembechler was directly tied to that.

Without Schembechler, the power battle shifted at UM and Lloyd Carr days were numbered. Michigan’s program which was ranked #2 heading into OSU in November 2006 downward spiraled into a blowout loss to USC and then two groin kick games vs. App State and Oregon in early 2007. Not only were the nails in Carr’s coffin, but without Schembechler around to guide the search, a new UM power faction was able to push the RichRod selection. A once proud Michigan program departed from their identity and denounced the old regime. 

Things have quickly gone downhill since.

UM is 21-27 in conference last six years and averaging 4.5 losses a year. The program went from 38-10 (79%) to 21-27 (43%).

UM hired RichRod and voluntarily departed from everything they stood for in college football. On top of that, UM found themselves with Carr vs. RichRod internal power struggle with players, administrators, journalists divided on who they supported and worked for.

UM lost control of the media and were accused of academic fraud in a detailed study of their program. They no longer can say they are the athletic Harvard of the Midwest. They were exposed. The salt in the wound is that the study was organized by the local media/journalist. A far cry to Bo’s days of owning the city of AA as well as the state.

UM’s 2008 season was the worst season in their history and they were embarrassed week to week by Utah, Toledo, Northwestern, Illinois, Purdue and lost badly in all three of their rival games to ND, OSU & MSU.

Then the unthinkable happened and the once proud football program was caught cheating. No one was there to protect them or guide them and they faced NCAA sanctions and nationwide scrutiny.

UM tried to shift all the blame to RichRod. They found their savior in Hoke who promised to bring back the history. Brandon and Hoke started a PR war and created special jerseys, team #’s, Michigan Man themes, sky writing, etc. It looked like it was working for one fluke season when they backed into a BCS bowl which they won on a field goal. Now of course that nation knows that field goal was kicked by a rapist who was expelled once his eligibility ran out. On national television, this kicker talked about envisioning brunettes to keep calm during the game winning kick. 

Once viewed as the two legends of college football, Michigan found themselves kicked to the curb by this fall by Notre Dame. Notre Dame cancelled the series and chose other B1G rivalries they valued more. Michigan responded with media outrage and eventually resorted to the chicken dance and other name callings. A few weeks later, Notre Dame passed Michigan as the all-time winning NCAA football program.

The program is now back to .500 football over the last two years with nothing to suggest a major turnaround is at hand. Since 2006, Michigan is 1-5 vs. Ohio State. 1-5 vs MSU. 1-4 vs PSU. These are the teams Michigan has to now beat to get a chance at a conference title. Something they have not won in over a decade.

Now, they have a major scandal on their hands with Gibbons and the situation looks like it will escalate. It is unclear who internally at UM knew about it, but the story is now national. Michigan brings in a new president with strong ivy league connections. He replaces a president who came from Iowa where athletics were revered and celebrated. Will his first major interaction with the football program be trying to answer for a rape scandal? The Penn State shadow looms large.

As we approach signing day 2014, UM’s last great flag in the ground has been yanked out, snapped, and waived in their face. UM’s recruiting victories were all they had left. Their 2014 class is ranked outside the top 25 and their past classes are being questioned both on talent and development. 

As we go down the final stretch of the Malik Mcdowell recruitment, try to realize that MSU signing him is not the real story. The story here is that the #1 ranked recruit in the state, with Michigan parents, and long viewed as a Michigan lock, is still torn on where he wants to go play football. MSU may not win this recruiting fight, but it is a battle and an amazing indication of the current college football landscape.

The Michigan fan base and supporters like Sam Webb can see what is going on and panic is setting in. They don’t know how to react, but are getting more and more desperate.

Fellow Spartans, sit back and enjoy the ride.


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Northwestern QB Kain Colter, along with other Wildcat players, start a labor union movement

For the first time in the history of college sports, athletes are asking to be represented by a labor union, taking formal steps on Tuesday to begin the process of being recognized as employees, ESPN’s Outside The Lines has learned.


This is a pretty big deal. Must read for any sports fan.

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Jayru Campbell drops security guard


This is a video allegedly showing a student at Detroit’s Cass Tech High School slamming a security guard on his head.

The student is allegedly quarterback and Michigan State class of 2015 commit Jayru Campbell.

If this is Jayru, it is an incredibly stupid decision and he could have killed the man. It is likely that his full-ride to MSU will be pulled. Honestly, I hope it is. This would be at least his second offense.

Keep in mind though, nothing has been confirmed and kids make mistakes all the time.

That being said, whoever it is needs some help. And this is one whopper of a mistake. Thoughts and prayers with both parties and their families

Update: Video was deleted, Campbell has allegedly been charged with assault and battery.

People have been freaking out about this and talking about how poorly this looks on Michigan State. Are you kidding? Because Michigan State can predict that a TEENAGER is going to react like that?

Kids throw their lives and futures away all the time but we don’t hear about it unless the kid is supposed to play for a D1 school on a scholarship somewhere. Kids are stupid and they make stupid mistakes and they don’t think about the future. None of you can tell me that you were a perfect kid back when you were in high school, I know I wasn’t. But I wasn’t in the national media because I had a scholarship to play at a D1 school.

People need to get off MSU’s ass about this and EVEN MORE SO stop freaking out about the kid. He messed up, bad, and now he is going to pay the price. Let’s just hope that if the kid is found guilty, Michigan State will immediately revoke his scholarship offer. If not, THEN people can get after MSU for being a school full of “thugs”. 

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